Practical specialist in Ayurveda methods - life and health science.

Born in 1959 in Germany, married to Bulgarian Violeta Posur-Yoga teacher and teacher of biology and chemistry. They have one daughter.

Andreas Posur studied 3 years Allopathic-Traditional Medicine at Parazelsos School -Germany, 2 years - Anesthesiology. He specialized in various clinics for several years, going through all units - Emergency Department, Paramedic, Anesthesiology and then in 1988 he went to India as a volunteer. There he became a student of Professor Ranadi and began to study thoroughly the practical and spiritual methods of Eastern Ayurveda philosophy.

From 1992 to 1999 he became a student of the professor of Eastern medicine Vilas Nanal Consultant Ayurveda Doctor in Pune, Maharashtra.

He returned to Europe and began working and teaching in clinics in Germany, Switzerland:

Biersteim, Sente, Sewa - Munich.

From 1999-2019 he runs his own clinic in Ingolstadt Germany where he develops, teaches and applies Ayurveda Methods jointly and under the auspices of Professor Vilas Nanal

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