Dinner Venue

For your Gala Dinner we offer our elegant restaurant "Prestige", located on the second floor of our Clubhouse.

Elegant and modern, the restaurant in our clubhouse combines the best of tastes and ingredients from many European culinary traditions and offers a variety of menus and dishes. For your wedding menu we can offer pre-prepared and combined dishes from our chefs or a bespoke menu tailored to your personal taste and desires.

Capacity: 120 seats indoors and 200 outdoor seating.

Wedding Menues

Inspired by love our chefs have developed variety of wedding menus, to compliment you perfect wedding day and add the best taste to it.

Download here the complete Wedding Package Guide, which contains the various wedding packages and information about everything you need to know for setting up the perfect wedding!

Just a few examples of wedding menus to give you the inspiration: 

Menu “Perfect Match” | 23.00 EUR

  • Shopska Salad 
    /Tomato, cucumber, roasted peppers, onions, parsley,  hot pepper, cheese, olive / 
  • Mini roulades zucchini, bacon and cheese, served with milk- herb sauce
  • Chicken fillet with dried apricots marinated in cognac, 
    served with baby potatoes and vegetable tagliatelle and almond sauce
  • Variety of cheese
    / Blue cheese, brie cheese, cheese served with honey and nuts /
  • Bread
  • Mineral water
  • Soft drink

Menu „Love Supreme“ | 24.00 EUR

  • Combination salad
    /shmerkeze tomato, cucumber, marinated cheese, olives,
    roasted pepper puree, bean dip, salmon crouton, Snow- White,
    cabbage with carrots, egg fan, grilled zucchini /
  • Appetizer
    /Stuffed mushrooms with bacon, corn and parmesan /
  • Main dish
    / Chicken with almonds and spicy cheddar sauce, to the accompaniment
    of broccoli and baby carrots /
  • After course
    / Creamy blue cheese and dried fruit /
  • Bread 
  • Mineral water 
  • Soft drink

Menu„To have and to Hold“ | 29.00 euro

  • Romance Salad
    /Fresh mix of green salad, gorgonzola cheese, walnuts,  cherry tomatoes and marinated in exotic herbs avocado /
  • Appetizer     
    / Prawns in bourbon sauce, served with chicory boat and fillets of lemon /
  • Main dish
    / lean pork fillet with a light peanut sauce, served with roasted potato and grilled vegetables /
  • Cheese dish § assorted fruit
  • Bread 
  • Mineral water
  • Soft drink

Photo by Yana Peneva

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