Dear guests, friends and partners of our destination,

The global spread of COVID-19 now affects every one of us.

Whether with a stay in our Resort, a visit to one of our restaurants or with one of our numerous other services - what we do, we do with passion and with the certainty of bringing people from all over the world together to enable you to experience many special moments in life. With this background, it is important to ensure that our guests, friends and partners stay safe and healthy in this challenging times.

The inevitable measures therefore include the closure of almost all Lighthouse Golf & SPA Resort businesses on the orders and recommendations of the authorities. We took this hard decision on 15th March and follow it through till the emergency state in Bulgaria is announced. For the moment, only the Golf Course is still open for play. The hotel does not accept any new reservations with stay until 13th April 2020. This is a deeply painful step that we had to go through, but we also know that all of this is necessary and of the utmost importance - out of responsibility towards our guests, our employees and towards society as a whole.

But we ask you to keep one thing: Your anticipation.

We are aware that the current situation sometimes means massive cuts for you - with regard to your vacation planning and also for your everyday life. However, we ask you for one thing: Keep your anticipation. On the next round of golf at Lighthouse Golf & SPA Resort. For a training day in our golf academy. Or the feeling of letting yourself fall into the freshly made hotel bed after the round. For enjoying a relaxing massage in our SPA. And also for tasting excellent lunches and dinners in one of our friendly restaurants. Because it is the positive thoughts that make us retain optimism and belief in better times in difficult moments.

For any postponement of your stay or for your future booking, we would therefore like to offer you the greatest possible flexibility - so that you can enjoy your vacation experience Lighthouse Golf & SPA Resort. Just enjoy the Resort fully at a later date.

You will find information on the time of reopening (as soon as foreseeable) and attractive offers with flexible conditions for your stay on our website in due course:


In addition, we would like to ensure you that the best possible measures have been taken and hygiene standards have been tightened even after the reopening of our operations in order to protect you as our guests in the long term. 

Trust in one thing: Team Spirit.

Last but not least, we would like to pay tribute to the efforts and work of all Lighthouse Golf & SPA Employees on site. Our destination is currently closed. The effects of COVID-19 can be clearly felt by all colleagues. We would like to thank our local team all the more for their determination and spirit, which is characterized by solidarity and a sense of community. And the desire to be back at our guests' service as soon as possible. We thank our reservation and administration staff for their flexibility to follow their day's work from the home office in the best possible way, to push ahead with the necessary projects with commitment and meticulousness and to be available as a reliable contact for all partners and customers.

Lighthouse Golf & SPA Resort will do everything possible to keep possible damage away from our employees and to lead the Resort into a good future together again.

Be certain of one thing: Our sincere thanks.

The challenges at the moment cannot be overlooked. The entire Lighthouse Golf & SPA family is incredibly thankful to all doctors, nurses, researchers, health professionals and civil servants. No matter whether in Bulgaria, Germany, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom or elsewhere in this world.

We are also enormously thankful to all those members, guests & partners who show their human understanding and ongoing support during these hard times.

At this point in time, we do not yet know with absolute certainty when the greatest risk will be behind us. And yet the last few days have shown one thing very clearly: We can all make our contribution. To protect us, our guests, as well as our partners, colleagues and friends of the Lighthouse Golf & SPA family.

Moving closer and solidarity helps to master the uncertain situation ahead. Together and with the focus on people, we will exercise the determination with which we have previously turned challenges into opportunities. Because we remain true to ourselves and our motto:

Lighthouse Golf & SPA Resort – Let’s shine!


George Tchouklev

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